This 8-week interactive course allows you to build skills for the sometimes arduous task of parenting an adolescent. Join our founder, Laura Goldstein, LMFT as she leads you through the journey to better understand your child, improve your communication, and influence their behaviors. The DBT-informed tools provided here are essential for any family to BOTH prevent and/or treat mental health concerns for the young humans in your family!

**We highly recommend completing this course before completing any ancillary courses in our parenting collection, as like the name suggests, this truly is the foundation of all other parenting lessons.**

Translating Teens: A Parent's Guide to Adolescent Emotions and Behaviors
comes with:

  • 7+ hours of video content with optional closed captioning

  • 25 + essential skills and exercises to practice them

  • 9 FREE downloadable worksheets

All delivered in 8 modules accessible over the course of 8 weeks!

Course Introduction: Free 20 Minute Preview

Get an overview of the course from Laura Goldstein, LCMFT, the founder of TheraCourses and the instructor of this course, before you enroll.

The Translating Teens Course is for ANY Parent of a Tween or Teen!

Parents of adolescents (or children who will soon be adolescents).

This course will provide essential tools for preventing teenage mental illness, including skills for:

  • transitioning into the next phase of your parenting journey 
  • understanding the behaviors you might notice in your child
  • examples of common thinking traps on which parents of adolescents tend to get stuck and how to navigate through them
  • a new perspective on how to strengthen bonds and prevent weakening of familial connections with skills 
  • an opportunity for parents to model choosing growth that doesn't happen in response to a crisis

Parents of adolescents already receiving therapy.

This course will provide you will common language with your kid and their therapist. This includes:

  • skills to use during parent check-ins with your kids' therapist, or in family therapy sessions, so that you can get the most value from these opportunities with less escalation.
  • an opportunity to show your child that you are just as invested in healing as you are asking them to be (which will inevitably keep them more bought into their own therapy).

Parents of children who are, or will be, receiving intensive treatment.

This course will ensure that your emotional and financial investment in intensive treatment is worth it by ensuring:

  • that you have an active, participatory role before during AND after your child's treatment
  • tangible skills to create change to alleviate feeling lost or unproductive during your child's treatment
  • that you are working on evolving the home environment so that that when your kid returns, their progress is more sustainable. Relapse prevention starts from the very beginning of intensive treatment!

How will you feel after completing this course?

  • Less confused about what happens when your kid shows intense emotions.
  • Less guilty about your role in your child’s difficulties.
  • Empowered to navigate the normal and abnormal struggles of development.
  • Better prepared to center and calm yourself in tense family interactions.
  • Confident in your ability to build a connection with your child while holding them accountable.

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Meet The Instructor

Laura Goldstein, LCMFT with her dog

Laura Goldstein, LCMFT

Laura Goldstein is a licensed clinical marriage and family therapist in Rockville MD, and founder and director of Montgomery County Counseling Center, LLC, and founder of TheraCourses!

She got her Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA. Then earned her Master’s Degree in Family Therapy from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, PA. Since then she has worked across multiple settings: in-home behavioral health services, adolescent substance use intensive outpatient programs, an agency for young adults struggling to launch, and her own private practice. 

In 2015, she was trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) from Behavioral Tech. Since then, she has been fine tuning the application of DBT into individual therapy, parent coaching, and family therapy. She also trained in 2017 with The Gottman Couples Method, which is a seamless integration of DBT concepts when working with couples. 

Laura found a love of teaching and public speaking in 2019. She has led multiple trainings for interns, therapists, and school social workers & counselors across topics including DBT, substance use, family & parent therapy, self-care, and more! She brings training to businesses looking to provide mental health and relationship education to their staff. She leads in-school conversations for students to destigmatize mental health awareness. And she has incorporated aspects of all of these trainings for parents in schools and religious communities, to bring preventative content directly into the hands, ears, and hearts of people who need it!

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Laura has established herself as a local expert in relationship therapy, public speaking, and therapy practice management! 

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